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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

***THANK YOU!!!!!***

Of course I'm not one bit suprised at how amazingly supportive everyone has been! :)
Thank you a thousand times over for that! It means so much, trust me! :)
Moving right along, I have to say I never once was truly "sad" if you will. I was certainly BUMMED because, again, I loved my routine and I thought I had the crowd entertained....however, I was also well aware of the fact that I didn't bring in a super tight physique...so, there you have it, I know what I need to improve upon! :)

Today I was back at the workouts, and MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD! I worked out at Schwetty's and here's what I did:
I did the following in a set of 30, then 25, then 25 again, then finished with 20 for a total of 100 reps of everything.
** Perfect Pushups on the ball
** Inverted Pull-ups on the Treadmill
** Swinging Arm Clean/Press with 25#, each side
** Ball Knee Roll-Ins

Such a good workout. Then I finished with bicep curls and tricep dips using the same format above.

15 days until KANSAS!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!
Love you all, and again, thanks for your kind words! XOXO~

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Maybe a little hard to see, but here ya go:

Just a few pix

Comparisions my hubs took: the girl next to me on the far end won.