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Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Miler

Allllright! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! To make that even BETTER, It's THE END OF THE DAY, FRIDAY!!!!!! :)
I hope you've all had a fabulously productive week.
Using my handy dandy Garmin again today, I clocked 5 miles in 48.38 mins. (9.43 pace) It felt amazing and I got a TON of quality Vit. D. It's so nice here today! I'm loving the cloudless day! :)
Not much else to update; Work is GREAT! The puppie are sooo sweet, and all is well!!!
Here are the rest of the pix from our fun seattle weekend. We went walking around Downtown and shopped Westlake. Then there are a few from the wedding (hubs was Best Man) and then some from the Seahawks Game!
Have a relaxing weekend!!!!!!!!
Lots of love~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me & Miss Gar$ get DOWN!!!!!!!

Miss Gar-Money is my new best friend! :)
Labor Day weekend when my fam was here, my dad gave me his GARMIN!!!!!!! YAYYYY YAHHHH YAAA~! I'm so stinkin excited!
Today it was goregous, 80 degrees, and I went out for my first solo session (we did 1 run & 1 bike ride when they were all here)
So, my goal was to ease into it. I run (sprint/trek/incline walk) on my Tready quite a bit. However, outside is a diff. story. I intend on adding walking runs consitently until I feel I can eliminate them! Warm Up, Cool down & three walking breaks included, I logged:
4.5 Miles in 48.50 mins. @ a 10.51 pace.
Question for all you runners: :)
DO YOU INCLUDE YOUR WALKING??? I know my actual running pace was faster, but when the walking is factored it.....it's slower. So, what do you do???
I gotta clean up and head back to work. Man I feel awesome!!!!!!! :)

I will recap our Seattle weekend tmrw, with pix, too! Heres one from the Seahawks game. Holy cow Quest Field is unbelievably loud!!!! I think my ears are still ringing!!!

Love to ya'll! HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I ought to start tweeting. all i have to say can be said in a sentence! At quest field! Go hawks!