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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy Moly: I'm a Posting FOOL!!

HELLO AGAIN!!!!!!! I've been away for a while, and now you get a double post! be sure to check the pix and vlog below. I just couldn't wait to post this one: My 18 month old nephew Gavin has a blog........... I'm not joking :)

My lovely sister (or as I call her, seester) just launched his blog. I know most of you don't know him, but he is quite darling, and sure can make anyone's day :)
Here's the link. (Mimi, papa, grandma & grandad: You will LOVE this!!!!!!!!)

***GAVIN'S BLOG!!!!***


***PIX & VLOG***

Here are some pix and a lil Vlog for ya: