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Thursday, March 12, 2009

SET SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this week has crept by ever soo slowly! I can't hardly WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think I'm all prepared, almost done with packing.
so, this past sunday night I was on the website to checkin for the cruise, and you have to enter your document information (my passport #) and lo-&-behold, that was the ONLYYYYYYY document I hadn't changed my name on............So, I have my reservation in my married name & my passport in my maiden name. Uhhh-ohhh. Panic mode for a minute! I thought I was going to have to book it to the post office first thing Monday & expedite a corrected passport.
Now here's the funny thing: MY sister hasn't left the country since she got married, and HER passport is in our maiden name, as well. Ey, yi, yiiii!!!!!!!! :)
So, bless her heart, she called the cruise line and our travel agent to figure it all out. We're able to bring our marriage certificate (and birth cert. to be sure) and they'll let us on, no problemo.
The GREAT GREAT Thing about this is-had we NOT tried to check in online, well, my sister and I would have been vacationining in Fort. lauderdale for 7 days because we wouldn't have KNOWN to bring our marriage cert. Gosh, so hectic! :) :)
BUT ALAS, ALL IS WELL, AND I HAVE ONE MORE DAY OF WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 training & 5 massages-then spray tan! hey yo!!!!!!! :)
Tonight I had 12 people at my Bootcamp. Holy COW. we almost maxed out the place!
Also, we've just recently changed the name and we are now: STUDIO FIT! :)
I love love love the name change. It's fabulous. It's exactly what we are. We are a studio and we are ALL about fitness: Personal Training AND Bootcamps!

Okay, I'll be out of cyber world for about 10 days. I wish you all a very happy St. Paddy's Day and a GREAT week. Lots of loVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EM =0)