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Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st of tha Monthhhhh

I know Krissa and I are HUGEEEEE on the first of the month------(especially when they fall on mondays, huh!!)
Anyway, just like the other 11--1st days of the month--today is no different.
I have my goal list. all with a little box next to them so I can check it off when achieved! I freakin love making list--but even MORE so, I love checking them off or throwing them away. Especially Post its---I have them on my mirrors at home, on my dashboard, all over my planner, I text myself things when I think of things!!

Soooooooooo, what are your goals for the next 31 days????
I have challenged all of my personal training clients & bootcampers to track their food intake on www.nutrimirror.com
If they do it for the FULL month, they get some free loot!!! :) I'm hoping it's going to be a REALLY great way for people to hold themselves accountable. So, we shall see!!!!!!!!!! I challenge you all to track food for a full month if you're at a plateau or not seeeing the results you had hoped for.

Anyway, All is well, I have plenty of other things on my GOAL list for this month. It's gonna be a good one, I know it!

Oh my gosh, Bella & Blitz (b2) update::::::
WE RAN DOWN THE BLOCK TWO TIMES TODAY!!!!!!! My lil puppers are runners! yay!!!!
They're getting sooo big and are little sweetie pies!

That's it for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAVE YOURSELF A FAAAAABBB rest of the week---feel free to post your goals!
I'll hold you accountable :) :) ):