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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IT's A dOoZy!!!!!!!!!!!

here is the treadmill (aka SHREDmill) program I did today. It kicked my @ss. it does everytime! if it seems easy, you can always adjust your speed (and if it's too hard, knock it down)
I challenge you to do this whole thing. It's hard, no joke, but totally do-able! Pump your arms hard, dig thru your heels, BREATHE & SWEAT!! *ENJOY*
10 mins. 4.0mph---4%
11-12min. 4.2mph---5%
12-13min. 4.2mph---6%
13-14min. 4.2mph---7%
14-15min. 4.2mph---8%
15-16min. 4.2mph---9%
16-17min. 4.2mph---10% (higher if your incline allows!) NO HANDS!
17-19min. RECOVER--- 3.6mph---2%
19-20min. 5.5mph---2%
20-21min. 6.0mph---2%
21-22min. 6.5mph---2%
22-23min. 6.7mph---2%
23-24min. 7.0mph---2%
24-25min. 6.0mph---2%
25-28min. RECOVER---3.8---3%
28-29min. 4.2mph---5%
29-30min. 4.3mph---7%
30-31min. 4.4mph---10% (NO HANDS!!)
31-32min. 4.5mph---8% (this should almost feel like you could start joggin)
32-33min. 4.3mph---7%
33-34min. 4.2mph---6%
34-35min. 4.0mph---2%
35-38min. RECOVER---3.5mph---2%
38-40min. 2.5-2.9mph---10% (Turn around and walk backwards, no hands, roll thru the ball of the foot to the heel, pump arms)
40-45min. COOOOOOOL DOWN!!!!!!!!!! 3.0---2%

SO? How did you do????


OMG!!! Ohhh you guys.........

HILARIOUS!!! I always monitor comments, because I love getting emails on my phone...no internet though. So, without knowing what others had posted, I think four of you "OH MY GOSH"ed my puppies, so thanks for that! :) :) And the names are:


They have been such good puppies! I guarantee it's because they're together. They are wrestling up in the kitchen as I type. They sleep in the same kennel and haven't cried at night. So far so good! :)

All is well on the fitness front. just finished 45 min. of trekking on the SHREDmil. LOVE it, I willl post it later, its a doozy!

Gotta run, love to ya'll~