"Beyond the comfort of what you already know, you'll find the wonder & magnificence of all you can become!"

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's almost here!!!!!!!!!! 2009!


(I can't find my resolutions from last year, but I am pretty sure they were as followed:
**#1--Plan a bomb-ass wedding (check)

**#2--Win the Emerald Cup (okay, didn't compete there, but did compete, hitting my goals of at least one comp. a year)

**#3--LOVE LIFE, which if you can't tell, I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Thursday, December 25, 2008



First, if you're reading this today (ha ha, as I sit here typing) log off and go spend time with family & friends!!!!!!!!! :)

I wish you all the happiest holiday season. Enjoy yourself and cherish things more precious than gifts: Health & Family!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008


WOW. I've been looking at my Shutterfly account and I have over 50 albums.....I think my first album was in 2005......aaaaannyway: can you say FFS??? **Fat Face Syndrome***
Really, it's amazing how I've evolved over the last 3 or some years. I've DEFINETLY had my rollercoaster on this FITNESS & NUTRITION journey, and it's not over. But at LEAST I know I'm on the right path. I know I've posted my before & after from competition, here it is: FITNESS PREP: BEFORE & AFTER.

BUT, here's where I was before I even DARED TO DREAM!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't say these are "embarassing" because I've always tried to stay pretty positive about my apperance, even if I was never super fit..........hard to really explain. I see these pix and think: WHOA, I must have been really unhappy.....but that's not true! However, I am SUPER happy now about how much of an impact health & fitness have in my life. TRULY Happy, and now able to help others, which is AMAZING! Okay, no more babbeling, here ya go: :)

Fam. Christmas. Uhhhh, not much on the diet front, even though I worked out somewhat consistently...

Oh boy, what can I say, this was classic Fat Face Syndrome

Gene's 1st Kansas visit. Again, I "worked out" but diet was sh*t

Me & Seester. Bad Diet, worked out though

Er's First visit to spokane. I'd been pretty consistent with nutrition & workout...no FFS!! :)

Getting educated on diet. Losing the FFS

Month out from 1st Fitness Comp.

Thanks for looking. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like.........

CHRISTMAS!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although we've already discussed how i'm not SUPER thrilled about snow, I DO love a white christmas. And we're pretty much guaranteed to have a nice white Christmas!!!!!!! My hubs has shoveled so much snow, I can't even keep count the HOURS he's been at it the last four days. Ohhh, and the weather report tonight: up to 7 more inches............uhhhhhh boy
Here's after a couple rounds of heavy shoveling! Bless his heart! And there's Nash..

So, as Christmas is upon us, of course we all know what's next---NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!! RIGHT???
I'm super excited because this will help fill my schedule, but also, I LOVE being inspired by people. It will continue to boggle me WHY PEOPLE WAIT, but hey, if you need the New Year to motivate you, then so be it! :) I love to reach my goals, and I love to watch and HELP people reach theirs!:)

I hope you're all enjoying the last few Calm days before CHRISTMAS EVE & CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Lots of love-stay safe & warm~
Em =)

PS, you can follow me if you want. check out the right sidebar and click to follow!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

26 Inches..........last report

HOLY COW! 1st things first. If your area is in need of snow, just ask me to move there. Apparently snow likes to follow me. It must know how much I dislike it......This will be my fourth year in the Spok-Vally and..........yep, 2 of those four have been the worst in years......like 20 years! But I digress..........
Today it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to post some pix i took last night, and then some more from this morning. It's out of control!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say I prefer this beauty to the freezing rain or below zero temps, but still........this is MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you say, SNOW DAY??? Or even SNOW DAYS?!?! I am very thankful that we have food in the cupboards and a full gym in the basement, and internet connection & electricity in general. Glory to God for all of that! It's really not too bad, I just like to whine! :)

here ya go: If you're lucky, I'll VLOG later while we go shove M.O.R.E. snow!!!!!
This was last night around 9pm

This was this morning around 11am

Our Cul-De-Sac. You can see my neighbors trashcan-almost COVERED!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yep, I've only been "training" if you will, for 5 days now, and I seriously feel "lighter." No, not on the scales, you knuckleheads, I don't weigh myself :)
Just lighter in general. Less weighed down, less water & carb logged! :)
Vacation, flying, wedding cake, hearty dinners, that can all do some serious stuff to your interstitial tissue, making you FEEL bloated, puffy, you know.......... Anyway, within just a few days, I was feeling remarkable FITTER. And I love it. This is exactly why I get boggled as to why people WAIT. We WAIT for a 1st to land on a Monday, we wait for a New Year...so on and so forth. If there was some way to ALWAYS remember how great we feel when we're on a plan, it'd sell out! :)

So, that's that. I'm training, eating, resting, ALL during the holidays. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you're all well, and like I said in my blog, I do keep tabs on everyone, even if I don't comment!

Lots of love~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy Moly: I'm a Posting FOOL!!

HELLO AGAIN!!!!!!! I've been away for a while, and now you get a double post! be sure to check the pix and vlog below. I just couldn't wait to post this one: My 18 month old nephew Gavin has a blog........... I'm not joking :)

My lovely sister (or as I call her, seester) just launched his blog. I know most of you don't know him, but he is quite darling, and sure can make anyone's day :)
Here's the link. (Mimi, papa, grandma & grandad: You will LOVE this!!!!!!!!)

***GAVIN'S BLOG!!!!***


***PIX & VLOG***

Here are some pix and a lil Vlog for ya:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
Need your input please! I've searched amazon, but would LOVE your input! I need a heartrate monitor! Polar, most likely, but which model?!?!?!?

Oh, by the way, don't bother checkin my blog until next Tuesday. That's when it becomes Fitness & Physical again! :) :) :)
I'm heading to KANSAS for my cousins wedding which will be OH SO FABULOUS and family filled, can't go wrong! :)



P.s. I'm serious about the input on heartrate monitors! I gotta let santa know! :)

Megan(being onry!!!) & Scott (getting married) Uncle Kev

Em & Seester December 2007

Em & Seester Oct 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tomorrow very well COULD be a new start, right?

The only time people change is when it becomes too
uncomfortable to stay the same. That moment of emotion is
critical to them when effecting change.

I really like this quote (and most quotes in general!) It doesn't get better than a Monday, start of the week, START OF A NEW MONTH to buckle down and finally Walk the walk. Am I right??

Of course many perfer to wait until Jan. 1, but lets be honest, nursing a potential hangover, or just lack of sleep from waiting for the ball to drop--sure impedes that goal. Soooooooo, take tomorrow as a new start. Finish 2008 with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, that's your motivational talk for today. Love you all, and thanks soooo much for the kind comments RE: my teeth! :) I'm doing great!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, Monday morning at 915 I had my wisdom teeth removed. I have to admit I wasn't worried about the 'surgery' but rather the anesthesia........... NO PROBLEMS, though, it was noooo biggie!!! :) I don't remember a thing, plus it didn't make me sick or nauseous or ANYTHING! :)

So, the last few days I've been home healing. I feel great. A little sore, not puffy at all, and on to just ibuprofen. Saweet. I'm looking forward to mashed taters tmrw!!!!!! :)

I wish you all a super happy & filling Thanksgiving. I promise this will become a fitness blog here again, REAL SOON!!!!!!! I have some fun exciting challenging news! :) yipee!!!!

Love you all~

Friday, November 21, 2008


I swear, I feel like half the time this website is posting directly at me! :) Seriously! This last few days I've been off on diet. Not crazy off, just VERY inconsistent, waiting loooong periods before I eat, then eating too much.......I think I have this screwed up mentallity since I have my teeth out on Monday. Like, "I won't be able to eat this next week....blah blah blah" So yeah, I'm keeping it clean this weekend. That's it! I did HEAVY hamstring work yesterday and I anticipate not being able to get out of bed tomorrow morning. SWEEEET!!!!! :)
Love ya'll, check out todays post from "great day".

The moment you feel yourself slipping, take action right away to get back on track. If you catch yourself quickly, you won't fall very far.
It's great when you can stay disciplined and focused for long periods of time. At some point though, you'll get distracted and stray a little bit off course.

That's not the end of the world. Don't beat yourself up just because you've momentarily lost your focus.

Instead, give genuine thanks for how far you've already come. And then step right back on to the path you've set for yourself.

Being disciplined doesn't mean being perfect. Remember that what really matters is what you choose to do right now.

Even if you slip back one step for every two steps you take forward, you'll still be moving steadily ahead. Catch yourself, get back up, keep going and you'll get there.

-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging Side Track

Gosh, guys, I've been awful at keeping this thing updated!!!!!!!!!! I'm staying super busy, but I check everyone elses' blog and run out of time for my own update!
Oh, here's a quick question for you: Is blogging bad for your fitness?? Do you find yourself checkin other blogs when you should be doing your workouts?? :)

Alright, sooooooo, next Monday i'm having all four wisdom teeth removed......YIKES. Not super thrilled. At. All. But, such is life, and it must be done. It's in the morning, and from the sounds of it, after a few days of rest, I should be well on my way. I'm doing it the week of Thanksgiving because that's typically a slower, relaxed week. So, wish me luck!!!!!! :)

I've been running more recently. Just on my treadmill. Although I know I can get a fantastic workout by doing incline fast walk, sometimes it just feels great to do a nice paced RUN!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Here are some pix from Kansas (I can't believe we go home AGAIN in 2 weeks! YAY!) Look for a vlog this weekend...........


Coco-Bolos in Aggieville

My In-laws & Neph

Mom & Seester

Me & Stef (s-i-l) with Willie The wildcat!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple Truths

Just when you think they've produced some great work, Mac Anderson & Simple Truths come out with ANOTHER amazing book:

Dear Em,

In a perfect world, we hear something once, record it in our brain and never have to hear it again.

Well, I don't know where you're living, but my world is far from perfect. I occasionally have doubts, fears and disappointments in my life. During those times, I need “shots of inspiration” to reinforce, to encourage, and to motivate.

That's what my new book Charging the Human Battery is all about...
50 ways to motivate yourself! I think that one of the great challenges in life is to get inside our own heads, and truly understand what makes us tick. It's not easy, but this little book was written with that in mind.

Just remember...people are like sticks of dynamite; the power's on the inside but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.
It is my hope that as you read there will be many “a-ha moments” to light your fuse, and keep it lit, through good times and bad.

But here's the key...keep it close and read it often. Because as my friend Zig Ziglar said, “People often tell me that motivation doesn't last, and I tell them bathing doesn't either, that's why I recommend it daily!”

As I mentioned, there are 50 short chapters, and each one shares an idea that has the potential to turn your switch from “off” to “on.”

Live with Passion,

Mac Anderson
Founder, Simple Truths

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nash's Debut!!!!!!

I think April asked, do you have a tail or is that a cat???

Oh, it's a cat. one of two. We have littermates, brother & sister, Nash (nasheroni) and Sophia. They are pretty much awesome. the most relaxed and chill cats EVER!! Disregard my chuckling while my husband rolls Nash across the floor. This is a daily occurence. Too freakin funny! :) We call it Kitty Burrito! Rollin' rollin' rollin'

love ya'll!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Idea.

www.greatday.com one of my favorites!!

Give your goal a feature that will vastly improve its chances of being fulfilled. Give your goal a deadline.

A deadline provides a firm boundary for your efforts, yet it does not limit or constrain those efforts. On the contrary, a deadline will focus your efforts toward a single point, giving them more power and practical effectiveness.

Without a deadline you can exhaust yourself and still not arrive at any meaningful accomplishment. A deadline compels you to prioritize and to expend your best efforts in the most meaningful direction.

With a deadline, you are constantly reminded of how valuable and precious your time is. You're able to see resources and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden.

A deadline encourages you to do the best you can with what you have. And that's a skill that reliably leads to great accomplishment again and again.

Give yourself a deadline. And get the job done sooner rather than never.

-- Ralph Marston

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm about to get all crazy uploading some pix (THAT I FINALLY RECIEVED FROM MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER) So bare with me! Oh, and yes, these are random, no real order. After I post a handful, I'll link to my shutterfly album, so if you wanna go crazy and look thru ALL of them, have at it! :)

Big Fat Greek Reception

OPA! Greek dancing!
Big Fat Greek Wedding!!!
my hubsem & gene


Good morning!!!!!!!! Again, see post below and THROW AWAY YOUR CANDY! DO IT! AND GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hey, do you know what today is? The start of a new month. I LOVE setting goals and this month is no different. last night the hubs and I went over our personal goals for the month of November. It was great, we talked it out, wrote it out and signed off on each others. Gotta have support for your goals, no doubt about it!

Anyway, Nov. WILL be a fabulous month: Physically, Spiritually, Mentally....every aspect---I have at least one goal for each!

What are your goal? What can you do in 30 days?? And I'm not just talking physically......but of course that's typically the bloggerworld subject!

Have an excellent Nov. 1st. Seriously, if you haven't written them down (your goals) do it, and if you wanna do it here or on your blog, I'd LOVE to sign off on your goals, as well!!!!!!!!!!!

love X10~

Friday, October 31, 2008


I found this really interesting. There is a "dark" world of competing if you are lead by the wrong people. I recommend this link for everyone, and try and read it without being defensive. Just read & absorb it. Very very interesting!

Love love~

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I love to travel. I LOVE seeing my family. Holy crap, we had sooooooooooooo much fun in Kansas. My nephew......ohhh words can't describe, he's so awesome. and if I can recommend anything to new parents: Absoluely work on sign language with your children. It was AWESOME to see my 16 month old nephew sign back & forth with my sis & b-in-law!!! Very very neat.
Not to mention he does the shoulder bounce to music while in his carseat......Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Anyway, such a great great trip. My in-laws had a ball and everyone really enjoyed each others' company! :) It'll def. be an annual trip!
I got in a couple workouts while I was there, but trust me when I say the eating was NOT on point! :) Not even CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hellooo double chin for a while........it's fine! :) I'll upload some pix later this week, it's always crazy getting back to work and back to life.
Hope you're all doing well! Love you all and thanks for checkin in!
Have an excellent day~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ohhhhkay, for those who haven't been following my blog since it's installment, I might note that I was born & raised in Kansas & I have a 16 month old nephew, which OFFICALLY makes me Auntie Em. :) How cool is that??
Well, we are heading out tomorrow (all five of us, inlaws & s-i-l) for the great state of Kansas. I'll be away from blog land for a while, but wanted to upload some GREAT pix so you can see why I'm so freakin pumped! I get to see this lil Guy, Gavin Michael:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

HEY YO!!!!!!!

So, here's an update for ya:
Diet is lax (that's short for relaxed). I'm not being super strict, I'm 'trying' not to go overboard. we all know how uncomfortable it can be when you over do it. I must say, I'm enjoying a few things that I did cut out for contest prep: Sugar-Free White Chocolate SAUCE *not the syrup, the SAUCE, it's thicker* This stuff is BOMB tasty and makes my americano complete. Also, I've been enjoying air popped popcorn with a lil yogurt butter, my husbands favorite. YUMMMY.

Training is great. I'm doing all of my training in schwetty's because my work schedule is crazy crazy busy and that's the only way I'll get it done. Lifting and doing cardio here and there. Again, pretty relaxed, doing hardcore when I feel like it, and taking it easy when I feel like it :)

We head to Kansas to visit my AMAZING family this coming Thursday. I am soooooo pumped I can hardly stand it! :)

Ohhh, on a side note (I haven't blogged about it yet because I'm still seeing how it pans out, what all the details are & whatnot........)
I've been added to the
Tight Curves Team
. :) :) :) I'm not on the site quite yet, but I'll be on there with a little blurb about myself. The most enticing thing about being added to their team is that there's potential for competition sponsorship. (competing is NOT a cheap hobby!) So, that's pretty awesome, and to be part of a forum for healthy women, I'm all about that! :) I like when my tips & tricks can help others!!! I'll keep you posted as I figure out more details!

Alright, I'm off to makes some healthy Nachos Neuvos (think applebee's style, but healthy) :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a week! I can't believe just last Saturday I was on stage for my 2nd fitness competition! :) Kinda surreal! :)
It's funny how as a competitor we all know that being stage ready isn't realistic in a normal, everyday life. That being said, I wasn't neccesarily LEAN enough, so where I was at on stage, is something I can realistically live with. Being cut-up/super defined/slightly dehydrated: NOT HEALTHY. The physique I strive for: Athletic/femenine/nice curves: VERY HEALTHY. So that's where I'm at. I'd like to maintain. Of course if I maintain right now, it would make the next show that much easier, and the possibility of coming in as lean as I need - much easier! :)

I have to say the week after competition can do a number on your mentality of the hard work you just put in for X-amount of weeks. I've heard it compared to Cinderella the night of your ball.....it all disappeared at midnight......interesting comparision. A sad one, but sometimes true!
I'm really, really trying to work hard on training and healthy food intake to prevent this from being my 'destiny'. I like where I'm at, and dang it, it's in my power to keep it that way.

Alright, enough babbling! I'm soooooooo excited for my trip home. My in-laws & sis-in-law are coming along, it's gonna be quite the trip!

I'll try and keep this updated more frequently, but it'll likely only be a few times a week!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

***THANK YOU!!!!!***

Of course I'm not one bit suprised at how amazingly supportive everyone has been! :)
Thank you a thousand times over for that! It means so much, trust me! :)
Moving right along, I have to say I never once was truly "sad" if you will. I was certainly BUMMED because, again, I loved my routine and I thought I had the crowd entertained....however, I was also well aware of the fact that I didn't bring in a super tight physique...so, there you have it, I know what I need to improve upon! :)

Today I was back at the workouts, and MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD! I worked out at Schwetty's and here's what I did:
I did the following in a set of 30, then 25, then 25 again, then finished with 20 for a total of 100 reps of everything.
** Perfect Pushups on the ball
** Inverted Pull-ups on the Treadmill
** Swinging Arm Clean/Press with 25#, each side
** Ball Knee Roll-Ins

Such a good workout. Then I finished with bicep curls and tricep dips using the same format above.

15 days until KANSAS!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!
Love you all, and again, thanks for your kind words! XOXO~

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Maybe a little hard to see, but here ya go:

Just a few pix

Comparisions my hubs took: the girl next to me on the far end won.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Final Results

Oh boy, how do you preface losing?!
Folks, there's no sugarcoating tonight darn it!
I felt even more confident with my routine tonight then I did this morning! There were over 400 people there and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to perform. I'm uploading my routine right now. My hubby was in the front row and got fairly good footage, considering the bright lights & whatnot.......
Anyway, after a long, long evening, we ended in our one-piece for placings. And what's the last thing you want to hear when you're one of those five? You name being called first...........well, tonight that name was mine.
I'm really fine with it. I know I rocked my routine, but of course my physique could use some finer tuning.....But the fact that my category is 50% dependent on your performance is discouraging.....again I felt SUPER confident that I brought it.
All in all, I have had a WONDERFUL time prepping and following thru with show number two!
Thank you all so very much for your kind words, support and love. Really, comments are awesome and you all always make me smile with your kind words, but, that's the results, 5 outta 5....whatdaya say.....
LOVE LOVE LOVE, I'm off to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Done w/ Prejudging!

Alright, so this morning started nice and early, like 6am bright & bushy tailed! :)
Did my hair, ate, psyched myself UP, and headed to the venue. Gotta say I like last years site MUCH better, but, this stage is huge, so that's good.
I was the 2nd fitness gal (routines always go first) and I gotta say, I hit EVERY move. I felt strong & sassy, and did what I was lookin' to do! :)
Then, we wait forever, head out in our 2 piece (there are 5 fitness gals) go backstage, wait some more, then head out for comparisons in our one piece. I think my one piece is much more flattering, and by comparison standards, I'm def. not lean like some of these girls, but bottom line is, I LIKE MY LOOK! Curvy, but not cut up. So, yep, I'm happy!
Like I mentioned, there are 5 of us, and I'm hoping for top three. I know my routine is up there, my figure isn't necessarily, so we shall see! Regardless, I'm having a blast and since I (almost) have 2 shows under my belt, I legitimately feel like a competitor, not just a one shot, one timer!
Love you all, and I'll keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pix from before I left, & then when we got home to rest....there was no was I was putting my suits back on, sorry! :)