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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


WOW. I've been looking at my Shutterfly account and I have over 50 albums.....I think my first album was in 2005......aaaaannyway: can you say FFS??? **Fat Face Syndrome***
Really, it's amazing how I've evolved over the last 3 or some years. I've DEFINETLY had my rollercoaster on this FITNESS & NUTRITION journey, and it's not over. But at LEAST I know I'm on the right path. I know I've posted my before & after from competition, here it is: FITNESS PREP: BEFORE & AFTER.

BUT, here's where I was before I even DARED TO DREAM!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can't say these are "embarassing" because I've always tried to stay pretty positive about my apperance, even if I was never super fit..........hard to really explain. I see these pix and think: WHOA, I must have been really unhappy.....but that's not true! However, I am SUPER happy now about how much of an impact health & fitness have in my life. TRULY Happy, and now able to help others, which is AMAZING! Okay, no more babbeling, here ya go: :)

Fam. Christmas. Uhhhh, not much on the diet front, even though I worked out somewhat consistently...

Oh boy, what can I say, this was classic Fat Face Syndrome

Gene's 1st Kansas visit. Again, I "worked out" but diet was sh*t

Me & Seester. Bad Diet, worked out though

Er's First visit to spokane. I'd been pretty consistent with nutrition & workout...no FFS!! :)

Getting educated on diet. Losing the FFS

Month out from 1st Fitness Comp.

Thanks for looking. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!