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Friday, May 29, 2009


Have you ever foam rolled so long you found bruises the next day?
I DID! Seriously, there is so much squating/deadlifting/jumping that my poor poor hammies have been foam rolled every day this week. For at least 10 minutes at a time! I would foam roll while blogging if possible! =) I'm back to icing/foam rolling & epsom salt baths on a regular basis. And I added extra Magnesium to help too! You'd think I was busy practicing my fitness routine by how freakin sore I've been!

Also, you guys, you wouldn't BELIEVE how great I've been eating. it's A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
The last 2+ years since I discovered the "sub-culture" of fitness competitions, my eating has been either ON, or OFF. I'm not kiddin. It's so hard to find a happy medium. Enough that my off season "figure" has risen concern--perhaps too thick.......anyway....that's a whole other topic.

I'm off to watch a movie with the hubs. I have bootcamps tomorrow morning, 7 & 8am and then it's off to bike for a couple hours! YAY

I hope you are all doing VERY well. Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by
Love love love~
An old pic of my s-i-l Stefi & I. We went on a TWO hour hike today. FUN FUN!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ohh what a year!

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend. Glory To GOD!
It's been a fantastic year, that's for sure!!
We had another fitness filled weekend, full of biking, hiking & walking around the lake. We've had such beautiful weather here!!!
I did pretty well this weekend with the Lean Body Challenge. The Lake never has and never will be "diet" friendly. It just 'is what it is'. More relaxed eating than normal I guess..........:)
SHAPE21 Review:
Oh my gosh, I'm realllllly loving it. It's quick and HARD!!!!! Some days I have circuits to perform three times a day. The cardio sessions are brief and Brutal! The diet- again, is very close to comp. just nice & clean clean clean. Totally do-able
I've become best friends with my foam roller again in attempts to get rid of the awful awful DOMS due to hiking, sprints & biking. Talk about laugh at me legs/I wanna cry my legs are sore....... :) Well, not that bad, but ya know....
SO, I had a gal tell me that at each anniversary, she puts on her dress and holds up a finger (no, not like that :P ) To indicate how many years, so she can look back each year.........and I decided to copy: So, here ya go, one year of marriage, And the Dress Still Fits! :) Haa ha

(p.s. to my folks: Don't you LOVE the green we picked for the walls? Pretty, huh??)