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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Recap!

Sorry guys, this whole blogging update thing is TOUGH!!! :) My goal is a couple updates a week, but really, no news is good news, right?? Just plugging along, trying to work hard!!!!!!!! :)

So, Valentines Day was sooo so wonderful. I tease my hubs that he's not 'romantic' but really, deep down he is!!!!
I got home from working a NINE hour day (3 trainings, 6 massages) which is incredibly long for me........he had a card, candles & a bottle of bubbly on ice!!!! So sweet. We did a quick gift exchange. I got him some seahawks lifting shirts for the gym and he got me a PURSE!!!!! I was so suprised! He did a really good job picking one, too! Way to go EVYENI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Then, we headed downtown to Anthonys. It was wonderful. It's right above the Spokane Falls and we had the best seat in the house! AWESOME VIEWS. Don't worry, I have pictures! We were there for a couple hours. He had seafood fettichini & I had shrimp & steak. Holy cow, (ha ha) it was soooo good! We headed home after and relaxed the rest of the night!! Just a lovely day!!!

Here are some pix: LOVE YA'LL & Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day, whether single or with another!!!