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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fur Momma

Holy cow these babies are takin over our lives!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
In a completely AWESOME way, mind you.
When we got our kitties three years ago, it was nothing like this. Cats are so independent, you just provide food/water/clean litter/lap for them to sit they're good to go!

Now Bella & Blitz, its a whole other story.
1st off: I'm so glad we got them together. Even though it will make training a little more challenging, it has been so fun watching them play together and rest together.
2nd: I'm lucky to have a super flexible schedule where I am able to be home mid morning and afternoon before my hubs gets home for the day.

oh, did I mention they get up at 530. Yep, we're working on that one, but quite frankly my ideal sleep would be 930-530. It's the 930 that is hard when I don't get home until 8 sometimes for bootcamp!

Alright, here are some more pix. I'm hardly on here anymore because all of my free time is with B-squared! :)

Blitz running....

There he is!!!!

Bella Girl


Sniffing around

Em & B2