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Friday, May 22, 2009

Laugh @ Me Legs

That's when you KNOW you've toasted your legs. When you literally laugh at yourself when you try and walk downstairs, sit down, stand up, you name it; you're SORE! :) Like, Oh my Gosh I'm So Sore but I love it so I'm laughing.......yah, those kind of legs today.

It's all good though; yesterday started the CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!! (cue music: dun-dun-dunnnnnnn) I did three mini full body circuits through out the day, morning/afternoon/evening. Pretty short but ohhh my gosh tough! :)

Today I have some cardio intervals and another circuit to go through should be good. Nutrition has been great. It's a variety of food, super healthy and similar to what I've done before. No hunger yet!!!

I hope you all have a FABBBB Friday!!

I plan on doing a weekend/ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! Recap on Monday.......Soooo, until then...........


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

64 & Counting.......

Days, that is!
YAY!!! Thanks for the comments about being chosen. I THRIVE on challenges & LOVE accountability. Doing it myself, yes, slowly but surely it will happen, but something about accountability really lights the fi-yah! :)

Tomorrow begins round 1 of the 3 week (SHAPE21) manual. Basically I will be following the nutrition & fitness prescribed for each day. I won't go into details, but will keep a journal of how I am feeling. I like that is broken down into 3:3 week challenges (9weeks total) and I love the fact that it's local. As far as i know, there are challengers that are out of town, but the fact the creator is a local seems cool. I'm really looking forward to rocking this one out! :) BIG TIME!

I will miss my P90X workouts, but I love them enough that I will encorporate them again. And I will likely do the Yoga & Cardio X during the challenge.

I hope you're all doing well!!!!!!!! Make it a fabulous rest of the week!

P.S.: Becca, I LOVED your list from competing. Soooo so true! :)
Sophia & Nash chillin above the washer. Silly gatos!

Annddddd, what can I say, I barter for my hair, and it's blonde again! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


The next 63 days are going to change your life and your body! You're going to go into summer with pounds of fat melted from your waistline and soaring energy levels, knowing that you're clean, de-toxed and tight, toned and muscular.

Here's how it works:
-21 males and 21 females were selected by fitness expert and nutritionist Ben Greenfield to compete in a special fat loss challenge, which begins May 21st, 2009...

-Each participant MUST use the Ben Greenfield's brand new, re-designed Shape21 Lean Body Manual and will be tracked with OFFICIAL PHOTOS, as well as featured in weekly website updates and e-mails (make sure to sign-up above if you want those e-mails)...

-At the end of 63 days, on JULY 23, 2009, we will reveal the before/after photos for the world to vote (THAT'S YOU), announce the lucky winner and release the prizes to the top male and top female!

Ohhh boy. I'm so excited. Ben is the best of the best in Exercise Physiology-in my entry I said I am interested in a plan that will work for my off-season. It's definitely when I struggle. Not terribly, but struggle non-the less. And give me a challenge, and IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you will all follow my progress! 9 Weeks!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Warriors

That was us this weekend. Holy smokes.

Here's the list of things:
75 min. Bikeride
1 hour of Tennis
Tons of yard work (well, the hubz, not I)
1 hour hike
Painted a bathroom
Laundry, Cleaning, ETC....

I'm about to go on a walk/jog, it's soooooooooooo soo so nice today (yesterday as well) i'm loving it. I wish I could press pause on this sunshine! :) My cat sophia has done nothing but lay by the slider & SUN herself. Now THAT'S the life! :)
AWESOME NEWS,*With more explanation to come*;
excerpt from the email I received:

"Congratulations. From over a thousand entries, yours has been chosen, and you have been accepted into the Shape21 Lean Body Challenge"

More to come............ :) :) :)