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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

64 & Counting.......

Days, that is!
YAY!!! Thanks for the comments about being chosen. I THRIVE on challenges & LOVE accountability. Doing it myself, yes, slowly but surely it will happen, but something about accountability really lights the fi-yah! :)

Tomorrow begins round 1 of the 3 week (SHAPE21) manual. Basically I will be following the nutrition & fitness prescribed for each day. I won't go into details, but will keep a journal of how I am feeling. I like that is broken down into 3:3 week challenges (9weeks total) and I love the fact that it's local. As far as i know, there are challengers that are out of town, but the fact the creator is a local seems cool. I'm really looking forward to rocking this one out! :) BIG TIME!

I will miss my P90X workouts, but I love them enough that I will encorporate them again. And I will likely do the Yoga & Cardio X during the challenge.

I hope you're all doing well!!!!!!!! Make it a fabulous rest of the week!

P.S.: Becca, I LOVED your list from competing. Soooo so true! :)
Sophia & Nash chillin above the washer. Silly gatos!

Annddddd, what can I say, I barter for my hair, and it's blonde again! :)