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Friday, May 22, 2009

Laugh @ Me Legs

That's when you KNOW you've toasted your legs. When you literally laugh at yourself when you try and walk downstairs, sit down, stand up, you name it; you're SORE! :) Like, Oh my Gosh I'm So Sore but I love it so I'm laughing.......yah, those kind of legs today.

It's all good though; yesterday started the CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!! (cue music: dun-dun-dunnnnnnn) I did three mini full body circuits through out the day, morning/afternoon/evening. Pretty short but ohhh my gosh tough! :)

Today I have some cardio intervals and another circuit to go through should be good. Nutrition has been great. It's a variety of food, super healthy and similar to what I've done before. No hunger yet!!!

I hope you all have a FABBBB Friday!!

I plan on doing a weekend/ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! Recap on Monday.......Soooo, until then...........