"Beyond the comfort of what you already know, you'll find the wonder & magnificence of all you can become!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Final Results

Oh boy, how do you preface losing?!
Folks, there's no sugarcoating tonight darn it!
I felt even more confident with my routine tonight then I did this morning! There were over 400 people there and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to perform. I'm uploading my routine right now. My hubby was in the front row and got fairly good footage, considering the bright lights & whatnot.......
Anyway, after a long, long evening, we ended in our one-piece for placings. And what's the last thing you want to hear when you're one of those five? You name being called first...........well, tonight that name was mine.
I'm really fine with it. I know I rocked my routine, but of course my physique could use some finer tuning.....But the fact that my category is 50% dependent on your performance is discouraging.....again I felt SUPER confident that I brought it.
All in all, I have had a WONDERFUL time prepping and following thru with show number two!
Thank you all so very much for your kind words, support and love. Really, comments are awesome and you all always make me smile with your kind words, but, that's the results, 5 outta 5....whatdaya say.....
LOVE LOVE LOVE, I'm off to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Done w/ Prejudging!

Alright, so this morning started nice and early, like 6am bright & bushy tailed! :)
Did my hair, ate, psyched myself UP, and headed to the venue. Gotta say I like last years site MUCH better, but, this stage is huge, so that's good.
I was the 2nd fitness gal (routines always go first) and I gotta say, I hit EVERY move. I felt strong & sassy, and did what I was lookin' to do! :)
Then, we wait forever, head out in our 2 piece (there are 5 fitness gals) go backstage, wait some more, then head out for comparisons in our one piece. I think my one piece is much more flattering, and by comparison standards, I'm def. not lean like some of these girls, but bottom line is, I LIKE MY LOOK! Curvy, but not cut up. So, yep, I'm happy!
Like I mentioned, there are 5 of us, and I'm hoping for top three. I know my routine is up there, my figure isn't necessarily, so we shall see! Regardless, I'm having a blast and since I (almost) have 2 shows under my belt, I legitimately feel like a competitor, not just a one shot, one timer!
Love you all, and I'll keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pix from before I left, & then when we got home to rest....there was no was I was putting my suits back on, sorry! :)

Friday, October 3, 2008


HI GUYS!!!!!! Coming to ya LIVE from Everett WA!!!!!!!!
I have one coat of spray tan on, with one more to go, then I check in, then I come home and SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! (Don't be confused by spray tan, it's still stage color, so basically I'm orange. hee hee)
So far so good today. Tired, but not too bad, I look pretty good, but I love mornings, that's when I look the best :-)
Thanks for the comments, I'll post after pre-judging & let ya know how I think I did! :)
My hubby as always is being a trooper. Dang if I'm not a crappy batch sometimes :)
Bless his heart. He's my driver, too!
Alright, I'm outa here, I'll post pix tonight, so check back!

Oh, one more thing:

I love it. You know I can't logoff without reading my favorite blogs. Kind of like a fortune cookies, my motivational/inspirational site I always read had this to say today about, what else, ENTHUSIASM!!!: Very fitting:

Enthusiasm costs you absolutely nothing and requires no special skills. It is yours the moment you choose to embrace it.
When you do, your world changes. The problems turn into opportunities and the challenges become fields upon which you can create new value.

Enthusiasm infuses you with a heightened sense of purpose. Enthusiasm provides you with a beneficial immunity against any setbacks that may come.

Enthusiasm is contagious and it draws other people to you. Because when you're wrapped up in enthusiasm, it feels great.

Somewhere inside you there is an authentic sense of enthusiasm, eager to come to life. Let it out and let it show.

Allow enthusiasm to infect your attitude, and spread it to those around you. Delight in the feeling as it pushes you forward

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE!!!

ROUND 2: LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm taking the laptop & have wireless connection thankfully at the hotel, so you better believe I will upload pix and keep you all posted. How about a VLOG all dolled-up??!?! You won't even recognize me I'll be so tan! :)
I'm really, really REALLLLYYYY excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything is falling into place like so and I'm very grateful my body has stayed healhty, especially considering the pounding it's taken this week! :)
I'm all smiles & ready to hit the road. About a five hour trip, we're thinking, and you know what that means........lots of bathroom breaks! :) ha ha.
I love each of you & your support you've shown me. Thanks a milly!
More to come~
EM :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last night I couldn't sleep. This time it wasn't because I couldn't get my routine music out of my head. I literally couldn't stop smiling and thinking about 2 of my most recent "happiest" days of my life. I think I heard or read something during the day about how important it is to be able to visualize something good or happy in times of stress or discord.

ANYWAY, the two things I couldn't get out of my head, that made me smile ear to ear were: (Well. I have many MANY things that make me smile, but here's what I kept replaying last night:)
**When my hubby proposed Aug. 15th 2007. I could seriously replay that event in my head all day. That was such an amazing afternoon. A feeling like the world literally stopped for a minute, or maybe that was just my heart stopping for a brief minute... :) either way, a pretty indescribable feeling & fun to remember

**The other thing I couldn't stop thinking about was how FUN and exciting it was when I was able to surprise my family with a trip home to Kansas last December. Talk about an awesome day: I called my bro-in-law from Denver asking to be picked up in KC, then I got to surprise my sister, which was G.R.E.A.T and then I got to surprise my Parents, which was soooo fun, too!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I slept really well (once my mind turned off) but I know I went to bed with perma-grim :) :) :)
So-I hope you all have happy moments that you can easily bring to the forefront of your thinking & for even a few minutes, make everything else seem petty.

I'm soooooo pumped I get to see my best friend today. I took a nap at work before I went home. I need to clean up a little and if I tried to rest at home, it wouldn't happen.......
JUST A FEW MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


I was up this morning at 5am for one HOUR of cardio on the elliptical. Check!!
I'm tired, but I'm going to take a nap here pretty soon. (Yep, almost 10am and I'm due for a nap!)
I'm heading to pick up my pretty sequinced top that I'm wearing for my routine. Sooo excited!!!
I have to lift around noon, then work until 7pm, then finish up with 45 min. of incline walking. Sa-weet.
Ohh, I have to go pick up a few groceries, too.....shocker. Got my dry-out diet. Dang, lots of Tuna & asparagas. I mean A L.O.T. I better look GOOOOOOOOOD on Sat.! :) :) :)
Thank you all for your nice comments about my routine. That was the first "real" run-thru, making sure everything transitioned nicely. Now that I know it does, I can really put some FLAVA in it! :) :) Just wait........
Thanks again for all the support. ***I love it, my Mimi & Papa in Arizona, they always send me the nicest emails about how they love reading my blog, but she has to preface every email with something along the lines of how crazy or nuts it is..... :) :) :) ***
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is well~