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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Done w/ Prejudging!

Alright, so this morning started nice and early, like 6am bright & bushy tailed! :)
Did my hair, ate, psyched myself UP, and headed to the venue. Gotta say I like last years site MUCH better, but, this stage is huge, so that's good.
I was the 2nd fitness gal (routines always go first) and I gotta say, I hit EVERY move. I felt strong & sassy, and did what I was lookin' to do! :)
Then, we wait forever, head out in our 2 piece (there are 5 fitness gals) go backstage, wait some more, then head out for comparisons in our one piece. I think my one piece is much more flattering, and by comparison standards, I'm def. not lean like some of these girls, but bottom line is, I LIKE MY LOOK! Curvy, but not cut up. So, yep, I'm happy!
Like I mentioned, there are 5 of us, and I'm hoping for top three. I know my routine is up there, my figure isn't necessarily, so we shall see! Regardless, I'm having a blast and since I (almost) have 2 shows under my belt, I legitimately feel like a competitor, not just a one shot, one timer!
Love you all, and I'll keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pix from before I left, & then when we got home to rest....there was no was I was putting my suits back on, sorry! :)