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Thursday, December 18, 2008

26 Inches..........last report

HOLY COW! 1st things first. If your area is in need of snow, just ask me to move there. Apparently snow likes to follow me. It must know how much I dislike it......This will be my fourth year in the Spok-Vally and..........yep, 2 of those four have been the worst in years......like 20 years! But I digress..........
Today it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to post some pix i took last night, and then some more from this morning. It's out of control!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say I prefer this beauty to the freezing rain or below zero temps, but still........this is MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you say, SNOW DAY??? Or even SNOW DAYS?!?! I am very thankful that we have food in the cupboards and a full gym in the basement, and internet connection & electricity in general. Glory to God for all of that! It's really not too bad, I just like to whine! :)

here ya go: If you're lucky, I'll VLOG later while we go shove M.O.R.E. snow!!!!!
This was last night around 9pm

This was this morning around 11am

Our Cul-De-Sac. You can see my neighbors trashcan-almost COVERED!!