"Beyond the comfort of what you already know, you'll find the wonder & magnificence of all you can become!"

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yep, I've only been "training" if you will, for 5 days now, and I seriously feel "lighter." No, not on the scales, you knuckleheads, I don't weigh myself :)
Just lighter in general. Less weighed down, less water & carb logged! :)
Vacation, flying, wedding cake, hearty dinners, that can all do some serious stuff to your interstitial tissue, making you FEEL bloated, puffy, you know.......... Anyway, within just a few days, I was feeling remarkable FITTER. And I love it. This is exactly why I get boggled as to why people WAIT. We WAIT for a 1st to land on a Monday, we wait for a New Year...so on and so forth. If there was some way to ALWAYS remember how great we feel when we're on a plan, it'd sell out! :)

So, that's that. I'm training, eating, resting, ALL during the holidays. IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you're all well, and like I said in my blog, I do keep tabs on everyone, even if I don't comment!

Lots of love~