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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blogging Side Track

Gosh, guys, I've been awful at keeping this thing updated!!!!!!!!!! I'm staying super busy, but I check everyone elses' blog and run out of time for my own update!
Oh, here's a quick question for you: Is blogging bad for your fitness?? Do you find yourself checkin other blogs when you should be doing your workouts?? :)

Alright, sooooooo, next Monday i'm having all four wisdom teeth removed......YIKES. Not super thrilled. At. All. But, such is life, and it must be done. It's in the morning, and from the sounds of it, after a few days of rest, I should be well on my way. I'm doing it the week of Thanksgiving because that's typically a slower, relaxed week. So, wish me luck!!!!!! :)

I've been running more recently. Just on my treadmill. Although I know I can get a fantastic workout by doing incline fast walk, sometimes it just feels great to do a nice paced RUN!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Here are some pix from Kansas (I can't believe we go home AGAIN in 2 weeks! YAY!) Look for a vlog this weekend...........


Coco-Bolos in Aggieville

My In-laws & Neph

Mom & Seester

Me & Stef (s-i-l) with Willie The wildcat!