"Beyond the comfort of what you already know, you'll find the wonder & magnificence of all you can become!"

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tomorrow very well COULD be a new start, right?

The only time people change is when it becomes too
uncomfortable to stay the same. That moment of emotion is
critical to them when effecting change.

I really like this quote (and most quotes in general!) It doesn't get better than a Monday, start of the week, START OF A NEW MONTH to buckle down and finally Walk the walk. Am I right??

Of course many perfer to wait until Jan. 1, but lets be honest, nursing a potential hangover, or just lack of sleep from waiting for the ball to drop--sure impedes that goal. Soooooooo, take tomorrow as a new start. Finish 2008 with a BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, that's your motivational talk for today. Love you all, and thanks soooo much for the kind comments RE: my teeth! :) I'm doing great!