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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Me & Miss Gar$ get DOWN!!!!!!!

Miss Gar-Money is my new best friend! :)
Labor Day weekend when my fam was here, my dad gave me his GARMIN!!!!!!! YAYYYY YAHHHH YAAA~! I'm so stinkin excited!
Today it was goregous, 80 degrees, and I went out for my first solo session (we did 1 run & 1 bike ride when they were all here)
So, my goal was to ease into it. I run (sprint/trek/incline walk) on my Tready quite a bit. However, outside is a diff. story. I intend on adding walking runs consitently until I feel I can eliminate them! Warm Up, Cool down & three walking breaks included, I logged:
4.5 Miles in 48.50 mins. @ a 10.51 pace.
Question for all you runners: :)
DO YOU INCLUDE YOUR WALKING??? I know my actual running pace was faster, but when the walking is factored it.....it's slower. So, what do you do???
I gotta clean up and head back to work. Man I feel awesome!!!!!!! :)

I will recap our Seattle weekend tmrw, with pix, too! Heres one from the Seahawks game. Holy cow Quest Field is unbelievably loud!!!! I think my ears are still ringing!!!

Love to ya'll! HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!