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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight, What what?


In regards to my last post (which still makes me laugh) I have to tell you, I received an email from an AVID blog reader, aka, my Grandmother Mimi, who said, "Loved your blog where Gene disputed your dress size. My question is why you were watching a TV program while Gene was in the laundry room doing the laundry???"
Too funny!

ANYWAY, OH MY GOSH, I'm highlighted/spotlighted (spot-lit?)on SHANNON GILL's BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon, BLESS HER, was the 1st Fitness Coach I sort of enlisted help from almost 2 years ago when I started this sport. She lives over in Seattle and corresponded via email with me, helping me SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and answering crazy ass questions I had. I still have some of our emails, and I CANNOT believe how much I have learned from her. She and her sister, Sandy run a great Fitness & Figure team, mainly for the seattle area, and they rock out some AWESOME athletes.

Here's her Blog blurb on me. Thanks again, SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, have a WONDERFUL afternoon!