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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family!! Warning; Lots of PIX!!! :)

Hopefully you can guess by the blog hiatus that we had an absolutly fantastic time! My 2 year old nephew, Gavin & my seester made it here friday morning and we headed STRAIGHT out to the lake!
They were here until Tuesday *well, they didn't get home until Wednesday, but that was due to lousy airlines... :( *
We had soo much fun. Gavin rode on the boat, played on the beach-throwing rocks, and went on many walks with "Emmie" :)
Here are some pix!
Emmie & Gav going on a walk

Watching the sun come up

Emmie & G-man

Seester, G & Emmie

Playing @ the park

Loving the beach


Drinking his big boy water

My end side shot for Shape21!