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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well EXCUSEEE My french!

Oh my oh my....Blogger does NOT like me writing a long post from my phone. no sir-ee!
So, sorry about that! Here's what I posted:
HAPPY THURSDAY! I am so pleased to announce I have two very important people gracing my presence tomorrow. One is the apple of many eyes, & the other is someone I hold in the highest regard and am proud to call her, among MANY things, MY BEST FRIEND! :)
Any Guesses???? :)
My wednesday was blahhh. Work was *and always is* fabuloue but other than that it was of "off" day----literally and figuratively. Such is life-moving right along!
I will post pix after our long weekend. Much love to all my blogger-hope you all have an AWESOME & productive Friday!
If you have a chance, check out a link I meant to post earlier. GOOOOODD STUFF!!