"Beyond the comfort of what you already know, you'll find the wonder & magnificence of all you can become!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lake...Bee Sting....Happiness.

I check www.greatday.com/motivate everyday. It is SUCH an amazing website. A really great way to start your day off with a positive mental attitude. Here's todays:


A day that begins with gratitude is a day that you'll be able to fill with positive progress. When you're sincerely appreciative of where you are and what you have, you'll greatly expand your own possibilities.

Begin with a thankful thought. And connect yourself with the abundance that is all around you.

There is always something for which you can be sincerely thankful. And the simple act of being thankful ignites a productive momentum in your world.

By focusing your thoughts on the positive aspects of your life, you cause their influence to grow. Be grateful, and your gratitude happily creates even more things in your life for which you can be grateful.

The appreciation for what you have gives more value to all that you are. The blessings you enjoy are blessings precisely because you see them as such.

Tap into the great reservoir of real value that is already available to you. Live with gratitude, and you'll create even more reasons to be thankful.

This past weekend at the lake was wonderful, although not near as warm as we'd hope. I did some runs and stair work, and dang it if I didn't get stung by a bee....ouch. Just on the outside of my hand, as I was holding on to the railing on the way down.....note to self: DON'T HOLD ON! :)

Lastly, (and this is all my personal feeling/opinion)
I was asked if I ever have a bad day or if I'm ever 'not' happy. So, YES! of course, i have not-so-good days........BUT, I've gotten to the point where, I TRULY think that if I Validate or Justify my bad day, I've done just that: Given into a bad day.....when in all honesty, I have NO reason to have a bad day. Life is GREAT and I know that my mindset helps determine that. So.....even if I haven't explained this necessarily very well-I think "givin into" a bad day (for myself) is a cop-out and really a choice. And I choose not to have bad days. "not-so-good" sure, but NO "BAD."
Alright, I'm done! :)