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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spokane Valley Just took a step up!

Well, wouldn't ya know, little 'ol Spokane Valley took a step up in this world and we now have a CROSSFIT facility. It is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen plenty of crossfit workout protocol's, I've even tried some in the gym by myself, but holy cow, to actually go thru an REAL Crossfit workout, competing against other people..........I was in for a treat. This morning (at 6am) I met with my trainer Fiona, my workout partner Kuray, and another client of Fi's, Todd for our own Crossfit workout. (Side note, don't ever work OUT with your trainer.....holy cow, she gets AFTER it!!!!!)
Anyway, after our workout (which as some of your know, isn't long, but is hella intense) we did sprint work. I ALMOST puked. I know, too much info, sorry, but I'm serious. The woozy, almost painful to drink water........but it was awesome. SUCH AN AMAZING workout. I'm officially a Crossfit chic. I'm going to take Gene next time I go. I plan on kicking his butt, too. :) I love to compete. It's against yourself primarily, but you yell out your reps, so, yah, it gets competitive.
Sooooo, that was my morning. I'm off to work, I have FIVE appointments, then I'm hoping to get in a nap before I teach Turbo tonight.
Then tomorrow........another 6am Fiona workout. I'm making a shirt that says, "You're not FIT until you're 'FI' Fit" She the best trainer!!!

Alright, I've gotta go clean up. Hope everyone is doing well.
love ya lots~