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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Since I'm nearing the one month out mark (deep breath) I think it's time to preview the music for you. And by preview I mean all 2 minutes of it. This sucker is gonna be an all out sprint. Holy cow. I'm working with my Choreographer Heather today and I'm soooooo excited! She teaches aerobics & was a dancer for our Arena II Football team here in the Can, so she knows what I'm looking for, style wise!

Anyway, this week has been a FANTASTIC one!! I skipped a cardio on Tuesday, but I'm not fretting. Also, last night I had black beans with my tuna........NOT on the diet, but again.......no fretting here! :) :)

Please feel free to comment on the music. Like I said, you may likey, you may not, but you can't deny you aren't bouncing around in your seat! :) LOVE IT!