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Monday, September 8, 2008

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!

What a WONDERFUL Weekend!!!!!!! (Well, minus the coug & seahawk loss in football.....my husband is mourning....)

It was a busy one, for sure! I taught my first round of Saturday CARDIO BOOTCAMP!!! I will be doing this every Saturday (unless I'm out of town) at 8, 9, 10 & 11am. I run the class on the hour, and it's basically a circuit style, upper body/lower body/core abs/cardio. The max. for each class is 7 people and it's a BLAST!!!!!
I am working out of Fiona's Body Shop, which is my trainers' personal training studio (where she trains ME!) I love it because it's not a BIG INTIMIDATING CORPORATE setting Gym, which many people don't like. It's really perfect. I love it! :)

I can't believe how close I'm getting! I'm so stinkin excited I could just jump around. No joke! :)

Congrats a hundred times over for my Blog buddy, Cynthia, who JUST recieved her Figure PRO CARD!!!!!!! This is HUGE for anyone in the Fitness/Figure/Bodybuilding World. Pretty much the ultimate goal!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Now, among other things, she can compete for big bucks! :) WAY TO GO VISIONQUESTER!!!!!!

Today I've done my cardio, I meet with my choreographer at noon, then I will lift After work. Feeling great, diet is great. I think April mentioned in her blog she could live on the last 'diet' she's been using. Me too, I'm LOVING this one, so filling, so tasty. It's great. The whole, "I'M DIETING, I SHOULD BE MISERABLE" blah blah blah, really boggles me. I feel MUCH better when I'm at this stage. It's really all in how you THINK about it. I don't even give it a THOUGHT that, oh, I'm on low carbs I shouldn't feel good, or this or that... :)
I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!

Alright, I'm done for now~