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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Sorry for being MIA.
Had a very nice and relaxing weekend! We went to see Emma (doggie charlie's momma) in the nursing home and she was THRILLED to hear that Charlie is doing great :)
Then we did some shopping and went out to dinner (yum!) I got the bare essentials makeup starter kit and I'm really excited to try it! I typically use physicians formula, but right now the color is just a little off. The powder that I always get seems to leave a nice yellow/orange line by the jaw...not awesome. I swear the powder before was perfect.......anyhow, does anyone use Bare Essentials???

I'm hitting pretty hard on the fitness front. Diet has relaxed a little----i'm sooooo incredibly torn. I'm ECSTATIC about the cruise, and I know I can hit it hard for 8 weeks until we leave, but then it's a week off with lots of food and a lil drink, and..............gosh, then I come home and I'm FIVE weeks out......hello!!! I've YET to bring the 'package' that I KNOW I am capable of brining to the stage, and I don't know if this time would be on my side, either........so, that's where I'm at. 100% torn. I've never competing in MY CITY, I've always traveled, and for those of you who compete, you KNOW how crappy it is to travel to a show. There's far too much packing when you're lowcarbed :) :) Also, it's the day before my 25th, and that would be soooooooooo awesome and a great bday present! :)

That's your update! I hope you're all doing well! I'm keeping tabs on all of ya!
Oh, I got my hair highlighted: Yikes, it was about 2 inches grown out. :)

Lots of love~