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Saturday, January 24, 2009

100th post, hey yoooooo!!!!!! And 8 months!!!!!

Sweet, my 100th post on this blog.
Funny how I'm either committed to contest prep........or somewhere much less strict as far as eating is concerned. I think I allow myself to sort of slack because I know at one point during the year, I WILL BE IN CONTEST PREP.
I'm having Deja Vu because around this time last year I was SURE I was going to compete in April. But then, wedding planning absolutely took presidence. FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
Anyway, I've pretty much decided I won't compete in April. I already have my NPC Membership for 2009 so come fall, I'll hop back on the competition wagon.......but until then, bare with me because diet will be here, there and everywhere! :) Training will be more consistent, and I'll try and post that, too!

Lots of love to you ALL!!!! And if you're in contest prep right now, here are my words of wisdom: Don't get discouraged. Stay focused, This is your goal, then do it. But, don't be suprised if you'll have people around you who dont' entirely understand your motives. big time!! Another thing I found: most people had great intentions and perhaps thought a certain dish would be "healthy" and that I could eat it.......well, I could if my final goal wasn't to step on stage!!!!! People can have a healthy diet, but that's different than a stage diet, and don't forget that. I don't know how many times I had to say: No, you're right it's healthy, but I still can't have it.Wow, we must really love competing for all the crazy stuff we go thru! :) :)

Ohhh, the 8 months reference: WE'VE BEEN MARRIED 8 MONTHS!!!!! SAWEEEEET! We celebrate every month, just like we did when we were dating! Why not, right?? Gotta cherish what you love!!!!! CELEBRATE IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank GOD for all the blessings in my life, and my husband sure is a HUGE BLESSING!!!!!! GIVE GLORY TO GOD!!
I love my Evyeni!!