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Sunday, March 1, 2009

HUBZ BIG 3-0 B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

We just got back from a FABULOUS weekend at the lake. Coeur'dAlene Lake is absolutely stunning, even in the winter! I couldn't believe that the entire bay was frozen. It better get to melting SOOON so we can have a long summer! (wishful thinking! :) )
Thursday morning I went out by myself to take all the food and gifts for our big weekend. I wanted it to be a suprise for Gene. He had no idea what we were gonna be doing on Saturday.
So, we headed out in the morning and hung out the whole day! The cougars were on and they had an AWESOME game (went to overtime & WON!!!! GO COUGS!!) I made dinner (meat & cheese stuffed giant shells) and we watched a couple movies (Brian Regan's Comedy Central DVD--hilar!!!) & stayed the night.
Today we headed back in and went to his folks for the family b-day dinner & cake. Such a great time! I can't believe he's 30!!!!!! I met him when he was 25, goin on 26. WOW, time DOES flY! =0)
Here are some fun pix (brace yourself, theres a lot!) from the weekend: Hope you all have a SUPER WEEK!!!!!!!! LOVE!!

My new Apron!

Pretending I'm Giada from Everyday Italian :)

Fireplace Photoshoot

Me & The Moose

Washington State Wine! Leftover from the wedding!