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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just spreading the good word:

In her mission to defatten America, PAULINE would like to see these changes
(And I couldn't agree more, so I had to post it!)

***Add tax to the grocery aisles containing chips, cookies, candy bars and ice cream. As soon as you walked into that artery clogging danger zone you know it would cost you about 50% extra. That tax money would go into reducing the cost on cabbage. And mustard.

***Add mandatory one hour lunch break for exercise for all stationary workers who sit on their ass all day in front of the computer. Put in some treadmills in the conference room and get walking.

***Tax reductions for those who keep blood pressure in normal range with prescribed exercise regimen.

***Adding back the old school stairs and make the elevator slow so stressed people walk instead of waiting.

***Build more human powered gym facilities. I read about one in Canada that has people generating electric power by biking indoors! Pay those bikers an hourly rate for sitting there pedaling for energy.

***Bonus money for workers who regularly work out.

***Better benefits from those who show very good blood work in terms of cholesterol, non obesity and normal blood pressure.

***Add warning labels on junk food snacks: “THIS MAKES YOU A FAT ASS, you still want it?” Would be a great addition to McDonald´s mmm I am loving it.

***Make time for employees to stay healthy by offering flexible work schedules without losing money. Money well spent because fit people are not calling in sick as much.

***Fast food chains should be OFF LIMIT for kids under 13 years old. YES I think it would be perfect.

**No fried food in school cafeteria (Edited: NO SODA EITHER!!!)

Can I get an AMEN!?!?!

love ya'll!!!