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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey hey

Hope you're all enjoying your week thus far!
Work is going great this week-busy, and teaching 7pm bootcamp Mon, Tue. & Wed. so it's been a late night the last couple days.

This Friday we go pick out our puppy! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we get her the end of July. She's only 3 weeks right now! :)

Saturday morning I'm heading to the lake to sit on the dock all day & LOUNGE!!!!!! Hoping for a nice, warm weekend!

All is well on the fitness front. I'm so sore even though I took an epsom salt bath last night!

here are some pix from the wedding we went to last Sat.

Robin (cousin), Angelique (cousin), Stefi (sis-in-law)

Me & the Hubs

My In-Laws

Front Yard Photoshoot :)