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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Removal of the Triple Threat......

Sigh....it was an interesting week indeed. I decided to quit-cold turkey- the following:

1-Sugar Free Gum. I used to chew copious amounts. Not kidding. I would buy in mega mega bulk, and was close to finishing a pack a day. SUCCESS!!!! I find I'm 'bored' while working out...I'm used to chomping away, but I needed to eliminate this at least for now. Too much artifical consumption.....

2-Caffeine. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy. This was freaking hard. I used to split a coffee pot with my collegue and then drink TONS of regular green tea the rest of the day. While I don't see a problem with coffee or tea, I see this more as an experiment to give my liver a rest. Supposably caffeine is the hardest 'toxin' if you will for the liver to break down........so, that was my choice to eliminate it.

3-Diet Pop. specifically Diet mountain dew. This one I actually quit over a month ago. No problemo. I just set my mind straight, and there you have it, no mas. WAAAAAAYYYY too much artificial sh*t, not to mention the potential to zap my body of calcium. No beuno!

So, lemme tell you, this was a tough week mentally & physically! I found I rely on all of this artifical/toxic stuff!!!!!! no kidding, I would chew gum from the moment I was getting ready in the morning to after dinner. Coffee was consumed all morning, then green tea (caffeinated) the rest of the day. Diet pop was daily (but again, that one I'm totally over)

It's amazing how I would also rely on the caffeine to help me thru my workouts. I found it really hard to muster the energy without. BUT, I did it. I did it all and damn it I'm really freakin stoked! :) :)
This is all such a big deal for me because, again, there was NO MODERATION at all. Nada. So, we shall see if the coffee or tea will ever re-enter, but for now its' hella H20 and herbal teas, like peppermint & camomile. :0) good stuff.

here are some pix of the pups, they'll be 12 weeks this coming weekend. They're so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for hanging with me thru a LONG post; I feel really strong about the necessity for me to eliminate all of them! :)
Have you all eliminated anything that was super challenging? any tips for my continued success with it??