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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What FUN interesting feedback!

WOW GUYS, such GREAT comments about my removal of the 'triple' threat!
I am still missing some boost pre-cardio, but dang, everything else is D.O.N.E.
I have to say my stubborn mindset is a huge part of it. Again, none of that stuff is "bad" but I mis-used it. SOOO, a big fat "F" it, and it's over. I'm done :)
But maybe just beginning........ :) :)
I wanna respond to the comments, which I don't always do, so here ya go:

Mike Casazza: HEY GOOD FOR YOU for kickin that snuff, and if that's what works, that's great. My husband used Nicorette to get off it, but, then got stuck on that.....so, you pick and you choose.
Lauren: Hi my love, I wouldn't say I crave pop. Actually, the carbonation always bloated me, so I feel better without it. Coffee was another story. It's hard, there is suchhhhhh a social aspect of it. But, hot water & lemon warms me up just fine. The no Caffiene.....well, still tough.
Krissa: Fab diet changes with the hubby! Seriously, you can do the Mountain dew, just BE DONE with it! And taper the gum if you're trying to quit that, too; for me it was just keeping my mouth busy.
Ape: Hey there! Oh man, I guess that was on my list, too, Hot Rox, and yes, that was gone last May. And by the way, we DVR Dance Your Ass off! Love it!
Becca: HOLA! I never did get on a splenda kick, but that's great you're using it less and less. I love the new tea you posted, I gotta try that. Keep rockin contest prep.
Nerd Girl: 1st, you are gorgeous, great job on your last comp! So, as far as quitting the gum, I just said "screw it" might as well add something else to my list to remove....:) I brush my teeth maybe an extra time or two....but tons of water has helped
Cuban Pete: Awesome job quiting cold turkey. You know, I think the mental is the biggest factor. I don't "NEED" any of that. so, yep, we are all in control of flipping that switch....one way or another! :)

Alright, I won't always do that, but this was so fun and interesting to see your experiences! Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Hey, if you want a new blogger to follow: check out
Living to be FIT
She & I were roomies in Arizona. I love her like a sister and we're very similar it's crazy!!!!!!!!!! Check check it out!!! :) Love ya, Girl!

Have a FABULOUS rest of the week,