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Friday, September 25, 2009


Sooooooo, it's FINALLY Friday evening and I've caught my breath! Thank God-It's been a BUSY week and I loved every minute of it!!!!!! I packed a TON in and felt totally energized the whole time! Onnn FIYAAAA!!!!!!

Tonight we went down to the Greek Orthodox Church we got married at and helped at the Greek Bazaar. Holy goodness, this is a HUGEEEEE Event!!!!! My in-laws are in charge of the Green Beans and it's quite a production to doctor them up. They're greek beans with plenty of Olive Oil, lemon juice, oregano, garlic to the max and a little S&P. (We were there for a few hours, but then puppy duty required us to be home. B2 had to get out and play for goodness sake!) It was quite a ball down there--I kept hollering at our "Yaiya" to ask if I was doing the concoction correctly, and about Three or Four different ladies would turn around & answer (all referred to as Yaiya as well) Lots of laughs, plenty of Greek Beans, loukamathes for Em, Mythos for hubby and garlic & oregano smelling hands for the whole evening! :) :) :) love it!

This weekend will be full of relaxation! We're planning a Fitness Saturday filled with bikes and maybe hikes??

Oh, my Garmin has been so fabulous this week. I've clocked over 17 miles. Low and slow (as my Papa says) as to not rush into running and get hurt, but DANG I'm hooked.

There ya go, have yourself a fabulous weekend
Oh, one more thing----If you're keeping tabs on the Olympia-I will voice my opinion real quick-------simply put---I will NEVER strive for a PRO FITNESS body. Nope.