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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, after 3 weeks off from teaching, I got back into it tonight! Turbokick is such an amazing class and tonight was no different! About 25 people and we went full force! :) I was suckin air a little bit, but not too bad! I did morning cardio and am still feeling really good! Not too sore!! I've been doing my HOT epsom salt baths every night, though, so that helps! Tonight when I got home I made a protein waffle with my new bella cuisina belgiun waffle maker! (the ones you rotate, like in a hotel!) Soooooo yummy!
Eats were on, I could have lifted today, but it ended up being an off day.
Slowly building up my endurance again with work, so that's wonderful! All of my patients are so awesome, they wanted to know all about my wedding & honeymoon, they're so sweet.
That's it for now!
Much love~
p.s. ROBIN! That's for the comment on my old blog! I set the comment thingy on this one, so it should work now! :) Thanks for all your support, you're the best!!!