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Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm marking today down as a GREAT day. Most of mine are great days, I really love everything I do, but today just seemed extra great. I started with 5 appointments, then met my hubby at the gym for LEGZ then we came home and did a 40 min. bikeride. Everytime we ride I insist we go by the "engagement" site. It's so dang beautiful there!!! It's part of our route now!
Then, we were home by about 4 and have been relaxing the rest of the evening!!
Of course I'll be checking on updates for the USA's prejudging in Vegas, but other then that, nothings goin on!!
Work tomorrow, then hit the gym, then RELAX again!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday---lake, hopefully!!
LoVe LoVe~