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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TUE/THURS. Routine Change

Starting today, I have my twice a week 6am workout with Fiona. Tuesdays & Thursdays until competition. Soooo, that makes for a very long tue/thur. for the next three weeks, because those evening I have Hip-Hop from 7:30-8:30pm. I will DEFINITELY have to find time for a power nap! :)

The rest of my weekend went well. SUNDAY we went on a hike with our friends Jen & Keith. We hiked a 7.5 mile loop trail in Liberty Lake. JUST GORGEOUS!!!

I showed my trainer my diet for the next three weeks, and she noted that it's pretty low carb. I'm not throwing actual numbers out there for ya, because everybody and EVERY - BODY is different. As a matter of fact, I actually feel really great, even with the high intensity workouts....... but should I need to adjust accordingly, I certainly WILL!!! I'll keep ya posted..... :)

I typically do sprint intervals on the track or my treadmill, but yesterday I did them on the upright bike and it TOTALLY killed the legs! It's really easy to control and change intensity. I think I'll be doing this a lot more. It's much kinder to the knees, as well! :)

Alright, have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!