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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Half way done today

HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!

Today I did my AM cardio at the gym, which is unusual becuase i typically roll out of bed and head downstairs. But going to the gym........dang it I actually have to make an effort. And dress properly. NO WAY would i rock my schwetty's attire at the gym. It's pretty tacky....... :) :)
ANYWAY. My hubby lifted while I did the stairs..........Gauntlet/Stairmill/Hell......however you refer to it! I did 25 mins. Rotating clockwise every minute. Regular/side step/backwards/sidestep......you get the idea. Then finished with 15 min. incline walking, squeezing the booty hard each stride.
Now, I just finished up at work, gonna head home, relax a little, then go do my trackwork combined with Leg work!

That's if for now! Offically 12 weeks out!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH YEAHH