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Monday, July 7, 2008


YAYYY!!!!!!!!!! New diets are always fun. I'm officially 12 weeks out, plus Prep week (so 13 weeks total) and we're doing diets every four weeks. This four weeks should be AWESOME. Great eats and tons of various cardio routines (Mike Davies does my Nutrition, and he does the cardio programs, too! By the way, he & his staff: AMAZING!)
Today I've done Shoulders & cardio, plus I'll do my evening cardio after work.
Feeling really great!
Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th! We were at the lake for a couple nights. I made an ice cream birthday cake for my bro-in-law. It was Sooooooooo good. Yes, I ate it! :)
That's all for now!
Later this week I'll get around to describing in detail what exactly I'm doing. Yes, a fitness competition, but what does that mean???? :) I'll go into more detail for those followers who don't understand it!