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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plyometrics, again

Plyometrics + extra cardio = one tired, pooped, exhausted EM :)
I'm playing blog catchup right now, watching biggest loser. I'm thinking an epsom salt bath is absolutely in the works! YAY! Ohhhhh, today was so beautiful in the inland northwest. 80 degrees, clear skys...just perfect. I ran 2 bootcamps (6am/7pm) and had 6 trainings. It's been a great day. I'm off to catch up on everyones' blogs

Comment Answers:

Koks, yes ma'am, the bench is pretty sweet. Geno loves to bench! Are you coming to WA STATE for a lil summer vaca???

MEG EVANS/REED- Isn't sad that we get married and lose our name.....We'll always be Reed girls! :) :)
Soooo, you, as an athlete have GOT to get P90X!!! YOu would adore it just like i do! Also, Scott could do it with you! You don't need a whole lot of equipment, and it's really only about an hour (give or take) a day! Sooo do-able. It makes me feel like I'm in softball pre-season. Kicks my boooooty!!!!!!!!!! Keep me posted. If home exercise videos are how you train, you should do it!!! (What, Bucklin doesn't have a huge gym anywhere??? ha ha ha. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!)

100DAYS---You asked about my flexibility. Well, actually I'm not a dancer by any means! I mean, yes, I love to dance, but I can't say that I'm trained :)
Also, my flexibility is something I have never lost. I did a year of gymnastics when I was super young, but have been able to do my splits ever since. Sooooo, I'm not a good one to ask on how to increase flexibility, because it's never been a challenge for me. Sorry I can't help!!