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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

90 days

Yep, I've succumb to the Fitness revolution that is P90X!
I bought it for my husbands' bday & didn't necessarily think I would do it with him. Well, I tried it (and heard rave reviews from my best friend Jill in KC) and I LOVE it. we officially started yesterday. It's the PERFECT countdown to the lake. Plus, my hubs and his buddy Foley are doing a challenge against each other. Does anyone want to challenge me?? :) Hey Matt, you need to start a P90 BLOG!
My newest goal is to be comfortable at the lake this summer. You know, be able to lay out and whatnot without feeling like I need a cover up! (besides a hat and some killer shades, of course!) AND, if by chance this prepares me for a september show, well, then so be it!!!!!!!!!!!!
P90X it is!!!!!!
I will keep you all posted!

Here are some more fun cruise pix. I'll keep posting pix this whole week so I don't overwhelm you at once! :)

LOVE LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~