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Saturday, March 28, 2009



Today was Kenpo. I enjoyed it, but wasn't really challenged. I used my weighted turbo gloves, but I think since I've taught Turbokick for over 4 years, I've adapted to the kicks and punches, and they no longer challenge me too much. SOOOO, I threw in a good old fashioned treadmill workout this afternoon. Check it out:

Warm up- 5 mins. (stay at 1 or 2% incline for running & 3 or 4% incline for recovery)
RUN---6.0---2 mins.
walk--4.0---2 mins.
RUN---7.0---90 sec.
walk--3.5---90 sec.
RUN---8.0---1 min.
walk--3.0---1 min.

*REPEAT THE ABOVE SEQUENCE 5 times for a 45 min. cardio session (plus warm up/cool down)
Cool down & Stretch!

Have a wonderful Sunday. LOVE!!!