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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ohhh goodness. I survived another Crossfit workout! I'm loving these!!
Today we did:
Pushups (8X for 20 secs each----10 sec. rest in between)
Pull-ups (I had to use a step & jump....wimpy I know) (Same as above)
Air Squats (Rear touches a medicine ball, pop up, do it again)
Sit - Ups (Chest to knees)

Then finished with 45lb. plate runs..... 20 yards down and back = one. We did it 10 times..........took me over 6 mins. This about did me in..........I think it's self explanatory, but your hands are on the plate, (we're on a turf surface) and your rear is as low as you can keep it, and you push forward, tough stuff.

Anyway, came home and review a new round for turbo tonight!!!!!!!!!!

Off to get ready for work. Have a fabulous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!